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Famous Cardiologist of North East Dr Indra Kuladhipati responses to 5 Queries of News24hrs


Dr Indra Kuladhipati is a famous Interventional Cardiologist who is presently serving in down town hospital, Guwahati. He believes that a healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of heart diseases in this region.

1. You are an Interventional Cardiologist of repute. Would you elaborate your role as an Interventional Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is an expert who can help to prevent , treat and reverse heart disease . With the tremendous development in modern medicine , a cardiac ailment can be treated by combination of medicines , non surgical or minimally invasive interventions or by major surgery; sometimes by combination of more than one modalities . An interventional cardiologist is the expert who can perform the life saving nonsurgical or minimally invasive procedures in addition to diagnosis and medical management of cardiac disease . In India, it takes almost 13 years of study and training in medical college to be an interventional cardiologist.

2. Cardiovascular diseases are in rapid rise in North East India. What are the major causes of it?
There has been increasing incidence of cardiovascular (CVD) disease across the world . India including the North East is no exception. In fact, in India CVD occurs approximately 10 years earlier than the world average. Lack of physical activities, unhealthy diet, smoking / drug abuse, stress are major reasons of increasing prevalence. In addition, uncontrolled hypertension, abnormal cholesterol, uncontrolled diabetes if not adequately treated can contribute to heart disease. Due to increased longevity of life with advances of modern medicine, the possibilities of developing heart disease in old age is not uncommon.

3. Is it possible to prevent cardiovascular diseases? What are the precautions?
Taking care of risk factors that precedes heart disease , can prevent or reduce the severity of heart disease. It is well established that regular exercise, healthy diet, avoiding junk foods and excessive calories, not smoking, control of diabetes/ hypertension/ abnormal lipids can prevent heart disease. In addition certain tests beyond certain age ( varies from person to person ) can detect the disease in its early stage and can help to revered or prevent at that stages.

4. What according to you are the success mantra of a healthy life in today’s world?
The awareness of the simple fact that physical structure of human body can deteriorate over years and most of the diseases remain silent initially till it is advanced can help to understand otherwise the complex pathophysiology . The importance of healthy lifestyle, appropriate utilisation of scientific advances for prevention and early detection of CVD are often not in consciousness till it is too late .

5. What is your advice to the young generation for a healthy society?
To practice healthy lifestyle as early as possible, however it’s never too late .


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