Highway robbers target vehicle on Bogibeel bridge


Highway robbers targeting vehicle on Bogibeel bridge road side. After the inaguration of Bogibeel bridge it become open corridor for the criminals and crime rate has been rising after that. Eight person of a local organisation were arrested by Borboruah police on Monday for allegedly assulting driver and handyman of a cattle laden truck. They also demanded Rs 1 lakh extortion from the truck driver and handyman.

The persons were identified as Lufu Dutta(28), Anup Konwar(27), Bijay Konwar(28), Bijay Gogoi(28), Jintu Gogoi(26), Jayanta Araudhara(28), Gautom Chetia(24) and Bhorat Phukan(28).

“On July 29 at 12.30 we get an information that some unknown youth has beaten a truck driver and a handyman at Sukapha Tinali. As per information we arrived at the place of occurrence and rescued the injured driver and handyman of the vehicle and also apprehended the culprits. After apprehension, it was learned that the apprehended youths demanded money from the truck driver but he refused. So the youths persons beaten them. The detained truck was coming from Dhemaji district loaded with 33 cows,” said Monuj Boruah, officer in charge of Borboruah police station.

“We have seized 33 cattles from the truck (AS-01 JC 0265) and the cattles were sent to Cow shelter. They assulted the driver and snatch away money from him. The handyman also assulted very badly. The truck driver has showed us the documents of truck but we are verifying the documents he said.

He added, “They were sent to jail. Among them three of them were from local organisation. We are investigating the mater,”.

He said in this regards two case have been registered vide Borbaruah PS case No.181/2019, U/S-394/395 IPC and another is Borbaruah PS case No . 182/2019,U/S-289 IPC , R/W sec.11 of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act,1960.

Sources said that after the opening of the Bogibeel bridge it become easy route for the cattle smuggler to transport cattle. The cattles were brought from Dhemaji side and going to Nagaon.

Recently, Borbaruah police has seized 29 cattle from a truck at Bogibeel bridge. The cattle has been coming from Dhemaji side.

“The Bogibeel bridge has open the route for all illegal activities. After the opening of the Bogibeel bridge crime rate has been growing. The bridge has become a corridor for the criminals,” said a source.

The spurt of cattle smuggling has been grown after the inaguration of the bridge.

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