23rd August, 2019, Guwahati.

Depression is a mental illness, which causes hopelessness, feeling low with sadness and loss of interest in regular and social responsibilities. It affects the body, mood, and thoughts of the person.

Types of Depression:

Major depression:It is a short lasting depression, with various symptoms like inability to work, sleep, eat, study and enjoy. At least five or more symptoms must be present and should last for at least 2 weeks.

Dysthymia: It is chronic and long lasting form of depression

Bipolar disorder: It is not as common as other forms of depression. It’s characterized by repeated mood swings of abnormally high moods and low feeling

Causes of Depression:

Environment: Unhappy atmosphere in the family, Very cold weather with short days and long nights.

Social conditions: Poverty, Homelessness, Community violence etc.

Medical conditions: Hypothyroidism, Hormonal changes etc.

Person`s reaction to events: Learning disabilities; Change in life style, Mental and emotional stress, Difficult relationship, Life events, Menstrual cycle changes etc

If a person has five or more of the following symptoms lasting for at least 2 weeks, he is in depression

If in depression what to do:

• join a yoga class, do meditations.

• Exercise regularly, and eat a healthy balanced diet.

• Try to relax and enjoy your favorite recreation as you used to do before.

• Socialise with your friend’s and Family

What not to do:

• Do not believe in your negative thoughts.

• Avoid making major decisions during the episode of depression.

• Avoid alcohol and drugs.

• Avoid caffeine, caffeinated drinks and nicotine completely.

• Avoid preservatives, dyes, additives, processed foods.

• Avoid smoking, consume of dairy products, meat and eggs.

• Avoid sugar.

• Limit intake of foods high in cholesterol.

And most importantly consult a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

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