Drug Kingpin Raja Ali Still Absconding

Dibrugarh police started massive crackdown against drugs in upper Assam


Sources said drug racket has been going on in Kalibari area of Dibrugarh since decades. Many youths have spoiled their life after get involved in drug abuse and peddling.


Dibrugarh, 31st of August, 2019:

The Drug kingpin Raja Ali is still absconding from whose house police seized a whooping 1.14 kg of heroin along with a cash amount of RS 19.55 lakh on Sunday.

Dibrugarh police started massive crackdown aganist drugs in upper Assam  and so far arrested many drug peddlers from Dibrugarh. Police failed to trace the whereabouts of Raja Ali from whose house the contraband was seized.

According to police, this is one of the biggest drug hails in Upper Assam. The estimated value of the seized contraband drugs is said to be around Rs 70 lakh in the buyer’s market.

“We have started the crackdown against drugs a month earlier and arrested many peddlers from different localities of Dibrugarh. We are searching him and very soon we will arrest him,” said police official.

According to information, the raid was carried out by a large police team led by Dibrugarh Additional SP Dhruba Bora in Kalibari at 3 am. While police managed to lay hands on the drugs which were kept neatly packed in Silver foils, the drugs dealer and the owner of the house , identified as Raja Ali, managed to escape by jumping from the first floor of the building. Ali’s wife Husna Begum was taken into police custody.

Sources said drug racket has been going on in Kalibari area of Dibrugarh since decades.  Many youths have spoiled their life after get involved in drug abuse and peddling.

Ali took over the business of illegal drugs from notorious drug lord Elahi Sheikh three years ago after latter was arrested by the Dibrugarh police in July 2016. Ali who is a trusted henchman of Elahi is said to be running the narcotics racket on behalf of his boss who is currently in Jail.

According to sources, ganja has also been found in the Kalibari area and the whole racket has been running under the nose of police. Sources revealed that a huge quantity of ganja comes from Tripura and Meghlaya and distributed in Dibrugarh. Many college-going students purchased ganja from the particular shop at Panchali area in Dibrugarh runs by Raja and Anil.

“Meghlaya ganja has a huge demand in Dibrugarh market and mostly students purchased one puria at Rs 50. Due to unavailability of Meghlaya ganja the demand of Tripura ganja has shoot up to Rs 100 per puria,” said a source.

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